Why having the right type of TV Antenna matters

Having the right type of TV Antenna is crucial if you want good, clear TV reception. We have noticed many homes around Daylesford, Hepburn and Hepburn Springs actually have the wrong type of TV Antenna installed, mostly of a type called Phased Array (see below).

Phased Array TV Antenna is not suitable for the Daylesford and surrounding regions
Phased Array TV Antenna is not suitable for the Daylesford and surrounding regions

These types of antennas were used back in the analog days when you didn’t have a direct line-of-site to the television transmitter tower, so instead of receiving the signal directly like a Yagi antenna does, a Phased Array will collect the signal that bounces off trees, houses, hills etc. This was fine with analog signals, but digital TV signals behave differently than analog and the Phased Array concept just doesn’t seem to work very well.


A retired couple in Hepburn had a phased array installed and had frequent dropouts and picture breakup, especially in bad weather (it was also facing the wrong way). We assessed they would be far better off with a quality high-gain Yagi antenna, and booster amp just to improve the signal quality a little more.

Before work started, Owen did a signal strength and quality test so he could compare results afterwards. With the current setup, signal strength was 25% and quality was 38% so not terribly good. Owen went to work replacing the antenna, installing a booster and checking all cable and plugs for wear and tear.


After Owen finished installing the antenna and booster, he tested and got excellent results of 78% signal strength and 99% signal quality, and after re-tuning the TV, picture quality was vastly improved and no more dropouts, proving that the right type of TV Antenna is essential if you want good TV reception.

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4G Antenna Installation at Yandoit Hills – 36Mbit!

A lovely family in Yandoit Hills required a 4G Antenna Installation and mobile broadband advice/setup as they are unable to get either NBN or ADSL, so they were left with a choice of NBN Satellite or Mobile Broadband. NBN Satellite is around 5Mbits so I strongly advised installing a good 4Gx 700Mhz MIMO antenna and suitable Mobile Broadband service to match.


After doing a Signal Check we discovered both Telstra and Optus Mobile Broadband services were available, we chose the Optus network as their data plans are far better at 250GB for $99pm.

Thankfully the property was on a reasonably large hill which helps tremendously for targeting the Mount Franklin mobile tower approx. 9km away. The installation was straight forward as was the modem setup, pre-testing we were getting about 1.3Mbit without antenna.


We hooked up the antenna to the dual MIMO connectors then rebooted the modem. After about 5 minutes I ran a speed test and got 36Mbit with burst speeds of up to 50Mbit! That’s about 5x times faster than most rural ADSL services, and roughly the same as a wired NBN connection. Needless to say we’re delighted with the results considering the fairly remote location and distance to the tower. We also hooked up their SmartTV to the Wi-Fi so they can now watch Netflix and other video streaming services.

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4G Antenna Installation at Cammeray Waters Conference & Wedding Venue

We’ve just completed a successful 4G Antenna Installation and Wi-Fi setup at the beautiful Cammeray Waters Conference & Wedding Venue in Woodend, Macedon Ranges with excellent results.


The general manager Dee contacted us asking if we were able to install Wi-Fi for the Blue Conference Room (approx. 130sqm) and hook it up the existing NBN Satellite service (which has a speed of about 5Mbits). The NBN service is a fair distance away from the conference center and quite slow, so we advised Dee that we’d be better off installing a 4G antenna on the roof of the conference room, hook it into the mobile broadband modem and then into a Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro wireless access point.

After doing a full signal check we discovered that due to the fairly remote location, the only mobile broadband service available was Telstra, so we advised Dee which modem and plan to buy (a Telstra Business Mobile Broadband plan which has a better data service and reliability than consumer plans).

Once the equipment arrived, we headed down from Daylesford to Woodend to begin the work. Everything went smoothly except we did run out of time to finish on the same day so we returned soon after to finish off and align the antenna.


After aligning the antenna towards the Woodend tower approx. 4.5km away, we managed to get a good signal with connection to 4Gx 700Mhz and a download speed of 16Mbits, which is more than enough to cover the conferences Dee has in the blue room (max around 60 people). We also setup a custom portal login page for the Wi-Fi network with the same look and feel of the Cammeray Waters website, and requires the users to accept the terms and conditions of using the Wi-Fi service along with a simple password.

Dee was very happy with the results and can now offer her clients an excellent Wi-Fi service for conferences.


4G Antenna Installation can make a huge difference to 4G signal quality and speed, even in areas with low or even no signal, and can offer a reliable Internet service to remote locations where only NBN satellite is available.

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Wi-Fi for Accommodation and Hospitality

Reliable Wi-Fi for Accommodation and Hospitality providers is essential to your business, especially if you offer Internet as a service to your clients and employees. Sigtek install Business Class Wi-Fi for Accommodation and Hospitality providers so your customers, employees & equipment stay connected 24/7.

We’ll also help you integrate SmartTV’s so you can offer Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and YouTube to your clients.


  • Custom Guest Portal login page with your logo, legal terms and message
  • Hotspot Manager with billing integration, vouchers, Facebook, SMS authentication
  • SmartTV integration with Internet, Netflix, Stan & Amazon Prime
  • Remote Cloud Management with complete control over clients, data usage, access
  • Limit speed, data, time and time-of-day access by network, client or voucher
  • Multiple Wi-Fi networks on the same hardware i.e. Guest, Employee, Office etc
  • Stylish matte white ceiling or wall mounted WAP units
  • Optional cache server to save on data charges
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi solutions with Mesh Networking and Point-to-Point wireless
  • Solutions for conference centers, clubs, pubs, motels, B&B, factories, medical & retail

Whatever your Wi-Fi needs Sigtek can cater to them, from simple Wi-Fi access for B&Bs, to hotels and motels with dozens of rooms, SmartTV‘s and a professional Guest Portal setup.

We also offer a managed network option so if you’re not technically minded, we’ll take care of regular network maintenance remotely.

Call us today or enquire online and discuss what we can do for your business. Visit the Wi-Fi Installation page for more info.

Having trouble with your TV reception?

TV Antenna Repairs Daylesford & Central Highlands
TV Antenna Repairs Daylesford & Central Highlands

TV reception issues are frustrating, and there are many reasons why this happens including old wiring, rusted or old splitters and plugs, a faulty masthead amp or distribution amp, or your antenna maybe too old to pickup the Digital TV (FreeView) frequencies.

Don’t worry, Sigtek technicians are qualified, registered cabling and I.T professionals with the experience and know-how to solve your antenna issues promptly, and at a very competitive rate.

Call today and speak to Owen, our TV Antenna specialist in Daylesford, on 0428 090 046, email your query to info@sigtek.com.au or visit https://www.sigtek.com.au and check out the other services we offer to the Daylesford and Central Highlands region including Castlemaine, Kyneton and Ballarat.

Fast 4Gx Mobile Broadband for Rural Areas (Central Highlands)

If your living in a rural location and unable to get ADSL or NBN broadband, you may be able to receive the new 4Gx (Telstra) or 4G+ (Optus) Mobile Broadband services with speeds ranging from 5Mbit to 50Mbit; fast enough for Netflix and other streaming video services, along with everything else the Internet has to offer.

4Gx and 4G+ are the same thing, both run on the 700Mhz (band 28) which is designed for long-range rural service. The only issue can be that 4Gx may not be strong enough for you to receive the signal indoors, meaning you will need a special 4G antenna attached to your modem that greatly increases the speed and quality of the 4Gx service.

This is where we come in. Sigtek supplies and installs the latest 4G antenna equipment for the Daylesford and Central Highlands region, which gives rural customers fast and reliable mobile broadband services.

Our Service includes the following:

  • Full off-site signal check
  • Free PDF report showing all services available to you
  • Latest mobile broadband deals
  • Recommended modems (or we can choose for you)
  • 4Gx Antenna quote for supply and install
  • 12 Month Sigtek Workmanship Warranty

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How Wi-Fi can help connect your home or business

Wi-Fi (or Wireless Networking) has come along way since the early days, with speeds greatly increasing every year, and methods of delivery that boggle the mind. Companies like TP-Link and Ubiquiti Networks are producing cutting-edge technology, with incredibly disruptive pricing, turning the market on it’s head. The good news is that home and business can now enjoy Wi-Fi at faster than Gigabit (wired) speeds in just about any location your desire, and at affordable pricing.

Here’s how Sigtek can help your home, farm or business with Wireless Technology…

Point-to-Point Networking

If you have a remote location(s) that requires fast and stable Internet access, our Point-to-Point Networking solutions can pipe an Internet connection up to 15kms away and at extremely competitive price. We can also setup a Point-to-Multipoint Network if you have more than one location requiring Internet access.

Point-to-Point Networking Diagram

Ethernet over Power Networking

Gone are the days of Wi-Fi antennas and difficulties accessing Wi-Fi at the rear of your home, rumpus room or shed. Sigtek uses EoP technology that actually uses your 240v power system to send a data signal to anywhere on the same power network (access stops at the power meter).

Ethernet over Power diagram

Wireless Networking Quote

The best way to see how Wi-Fi can help your home, farm or business is to book a Sigtek technician for a free, no obligation quote and we’ll explain to you the different technologies available for your particular situation. Call us on 0428 090 046 during business hours to book a quote.

Sigtek Team

Sigtek Website & Services Launch

Happy to announce the launch of the Sigtek website and services to the Daylesford region!

Sigtek offers wireless technology services including 3G/4G Antenna or Booster installation, Wi-Fi Networking for home, farm or small to medium business, and Digital TV Antenna installation, all with a 12 Month Sigtek Workmanship Warranty and up to 3 years manufacturers warranty on parts.

3G/4G Antennas/Boosters

If you’re unable to get NBN or ADSL, your only option may be mobile broadband. Recently, mobile broadband became far cheaper (around $70 for 100GB data) and more widely available to regional customers on the 4Gx 700Mhz spectrum. Often the 3G/4G signal isn’t quite strong enough on it’s own, that’s why Sigtek offers customers a 3G/4G Antenna and/or Booster installation that greatly increases the signal, enabling you to not only get better mobile phone call signal, but enjoy mobile broadband at around 10 to 75 Mbps.

More about 3G/4G Antenna Installation

Wireless Networking

Wi-Fi has come a long way since the days of 54G with speeds now reaching 1300+Mbps It’s also much more reliable and suitable for farm and small business networking too, which is why Sigtek offers a wide range of Wi-Fi options for virtually any situation. For farmers and other rural operators, Sigtek can supply and install Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint wireless networking up to 15km enabling network access to remote locations.

More about Wireless Networking

Digital TV Antennas

If you require a TV Antenna system repairs, an additional TV outlet, need a replacement antenna, or a whole new DTV system installed, Sigtek has the right option for you. We can also help if you’re having reception issues by installing a special amplifier that will boost the signal coming from the nearest TV tower. Whatever your antenna requirements, Sigtek can help.

More about Digital TV Antenna Installation

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So if you need a new Digital TV Antenna to enjoy everything FreeView TV has to offer, a 3G/4GX Booster/Antenna system so you can finally get decent mobile broadband, or want to make your home, farm or small business completely wireless, call 0428 090 046 to discuss your needs.

So until next time, cheers!
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