Wi-Fi for Accommodation and Hospitality

Reliable Wi-Fi for Accommodation and Hospitality providers is essential to your business, especially if you offer Internet as a service to your clients and employees. Sigtek install Business Class Wi-Fi for Accommodation and Hospitality providers so your customers, employees & equipment stay connected 24/7.

We’ll also help you integrate SmartTV’s so you can offer Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and YouTube to your clients.


  • Custom Guest Portal login page with your logo, legal terms and message
  • Hotspot Manager with billing integration, vouchers, Facebook, SMS authentication
  • SmartTV integration with Internet, Netflix, Stan & Amazon Prime
  • Remote Cloud Management with complete control over clients, data usage, access
  • Limit speed, data, time and time-of-day access by network, client or voucher
  • Multiple Wi-Fi networks on the same hardware i.e. Guest, Employee, Office etc
  • Stylish matte white ceiling or wall mounted WAP units
  • Optional cache server to save on data charges
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi solutions with Mesh Networking and Point-to-Point wireless
  • Solutions for conference centers, clubs, pubs, motels, B&B, factories, medical & retail

Whatever your Wi-Fi needs Sigtek can cater to them, from simple Wi-Fi access for B&Bs, to hotels and motels with dozens of rooms, SmartTV‘s and a professional Guest Portal setup.

We also offer a managed network option so if you’re not technically minded, we’ll take care of regular network maintenance remotely.

Call us today or enquire online and discuss what we can do for your business. Visit the Wi-Fi Installation page for more info.

How Wi-Fi can help connect your home or business

Wi-Fi (or Wireless Networking) has come along way since the early days, with speeds greatly increasing every year, and methods of delivery that boggle the mind. Companies like TP-Link and Ubiquiti Networks are producing cutting-edge technology, with incredibly disruptive pricing, turning the market on it’s head. The good news is that home and business can now enjoy Wi-Fi at faster than Gigabit (wired) speeds in just about any location your desire, and at affordable pricing.

Here’s how Sigtek can help your home, farm or business with Wireless Technology…

Point-to-Point Networking

If you have a remote location(s) that requires fast and stable Internet access, our Point-to-Point Networking solutions can pipe an Internet connection up to 15kms away and at extremely competitive price. We can also setup a Point-to-Multipoint Network if you have more than one location requiring Internet access.

Point-to-Point Networking Diagram

Ethernet over Power Networking

Gone are the days of Wi-Fi antennas and difficulties accessing Wi-Fi at the rear of your home, rumpus room or shed. Sigtek uses EoP technology that actually uses your 240v power system to send a data signal to anywhere on the same power network (access stops at the power meter).

Ethernet over Power diagram

Wireless Networking Quote

The best way to see how Wi-Fi can help your home, farm or business is to book a Sigtek technician for a free, no obligation quote and we’ll explain to you the different technologies available for your particular situation. Call us on 0428 090 046 during business hours to book a quote.

Sigtek Team