Why having the right type of TV Antenna matters

Having the right type of TV Antenna is crucial if you want good, clear TV reception. We have noticed many homes around Daylesford, Hepburn and Hepburn Springs actually have the wrong type of TV Antenna installed, mostly of a type called Phased Array (see below).

Phased Array TV Antenna is not suitable for the Daylesford and surrounding regions
Phased Array TV Antenna is not suitable for the Daylesford and surrounding regions

These types of antennas were used back in the analog days when you didn’t have a direct line-of-site to the television transmitter tower, so instead of receiving the signal directly like a Yagi antenna does, a Phased Array will collect the signal that bounces off trees, houses, hills etc. This was fine with analog signals, but digital TV signals behave differently than analog and the Phased Array concept just doesn’t seem to work very well.


A retired couple in Hepburn had a phased array installed and had frequent dropouts and picture breakup, especially in bad weather (it was also facing the wrong way). We assessed they would be far better off with a quality high-gain Yagi antenna, and booster amp just to improve the signal quality a little more.

Before work started, Owen did a signal strength and quality test so he could compare results afterwards. With the current setup, signal strength was 25% and quality was 38% so not terribly good. Owen went to work replacing the antenna, installing a booster and checking all cable and plugs for wear and tear.


After Owen finished installing the antenna and booster, he tested and got excellent results of 78% signal strength and 99% signal quality, and after re-tuning the TV, picture quality was vastly improved and no more dropouts, proving that the right type of TV Antenna is essential if you want good TV reception.

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Having trouble with your TV reception?

TV Antenna Repairs Daylesford & Central Highlands
TV Antenna Repairs Daylesford & Central Highlands

TV reception issues are frustrating, and there are many reasons why this happens including old wiring, rusted or old splitters and plugs, a faulty masthead amp or distribution amp, or your antenna maybe too old to pickup the Digital TV (FreeView) frequencies.

Don’t worry, Sigtek technicians are qualified, registered cabling and I.T professionals with the experience and know-how to solve your antenna issues promptly, and at a very competitive rate.

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