Example of TV picture distortion from a bad aerial

Having trouble with your TV reception?

TV Antenna Repairs Daylesford & Central Highlands
TV Antenna Repairs Daylesford & Central Highlands

TV reception issues are frustrating, and there are many reasons why this happens including old wiring, rusted or old splitters and plugs, a faulty masthead amp or distribution amp, or your antenna maybe too old to pickup the Digital TV (FreeView) frequencies.

Don’t worry, Sigtek technicians are qualified, registered cabling and I.T professionals with the experience and know-how to solve your antenna issues promptly, and at a very competitive rate.

Call today and speak to Owen, our TV Antenna specialist in Daylesford, on 1800 870 544, email your query to info@sigtek.com.au or visit https://www.sigtek.com.au and check out the other services we offer to the Daylesford and Central Highlands region including Castlemaine, Kyneton and Ballarat.